Vented Or Condenser Washer Dryer?

Which is better, and what’s the difference anyway?

OK, so the choice is between a vented or condenser washer dryer. Let’s see which suits you best…

Vented Dryers

When drying your clothes, a vented dryer will expell warm air through a tube to the outside of your house or flat. Sometimes there’s a connection point in the external wall to hookup a vented dryer, and sometimes you’ll need to just hand one ond of the tube out of the window, which doesn’t look very suave, but sometimes needs must!

Vented dryers can be cheaper to run than a condenser dryer because the machine doesn’t need to extract the moisture from the warm air created by drying the clothes, it simply vents the air to the outside.

Condenser Dryers

Unlike a vented appliance, a condenser dryer uses an internal mechanism to extract water from the warm air created during the drying process. The water is usually stored in a container within the dryer which can be emptied at the end of the drying cycle. The good news is that this mechanism means you can use a condenser dryer in any room of your house, although it would probably still be wise to have it in a well ventilated room. The bad news is that condensor dryers usually cost a bit more to buy, and a bit more to run, than a vented dryer. The reason for the extra cost are the expense of having the condenser unit in the machine and the extra energy required to run it.

We hope this has shed some light on the differences between vented and condenser washer dryers!

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